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This is my persinal blog created with create-react-doc where to write and record some thought daily. If you like it, welcome watch or star✨.

It's very thankful to point any wrong place from these articles there as well. The Articles licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Agreement.

Data Structure

This section we will start tralvel in the world of data strcture together! There is no doubt the travel is so interestring that you'll enjoy it too! Before your travel of data structure, I want to tell two points it's valueble:

  1. Interest and Insist.
  2. Thought is more important than action.

Travel Of LeetCode


Sort Algorithm

算法是一种思想! 以排序算法为例, 最常见的是在数组中使用排序算法, 但是相同的思想也能用于数组对象, 甚至链表中, 比如链表中实现排序的两道题。

  1. 147.Insertion Sort List: insert sort in list;
  2. 148.Sort List: merge sort in list;

Design Pattern

React Series

This section will introduce the world of React progressively. It'll tell the principle of React, how to design React Component gracefully and how to build a simple React from scratch.

Deep Into React

Component Design


React Stack

Build React from scratch

Modern Testing


FE Cloud

This section will talk about colorful frontend world.






Project Framework


Just do it for fun! You will unlock server, linux, nginx skills from this Raspberry Pi travel.

Thanks for the pi project specially.

  1. 树莓派简介&烧录系统
  2. 内网穿透
  3. 基于树莓派搭建家庭服务器
  4. 给树莓派安装 Docker 环境
  5. 给树莓派部署 RSSHub
  6. HTTPS 协议配置
  7. 树莓派部署 code-server